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Eight-year-old Emma Alexandra was equal parts scholar and athlete, with honors in math and reading as well as gymnastics, soccer, track, basketball and softball. She also loved performing onstage. Emma took her role as the oldest sister very seriously, looking out for her sisters and setting the perfect example for them: polite, helpful, caring and warm.



Alyson Elizabeth had a smile that would light up any room. She was protective and nurturing, vivacious and joyful. At 7, Alyson also excelled at both school and sports, enthusiastically taking part in soccer, softball and gymnastics. She was a smart and loving girl for whom acquaintances became friends instantly and joyfully.



Kate Marie, known to many as Katie, was very mature for her age – inquisitive and self-assured. As all the girls were, Katie was adored by her sisters and her extended family. She loved to dress up and had many, many friends, both boys and girls. Katie was a loving, confident, completely adorable 5-year-old, who embraced life and wanted nothing more than to bring happiness to her friends and family.

The Hance Family Foundation honors the lives of three beautiful sisters by ensuring happy, healthy and safe children through innovative self-esteem education programming and the support of children in need.

A Note from Jackie & Warren Hance

Dear Supporters,

We are Jackie and Warren Hance, parents of Emma, Alyson, and Katie, who died tragically in a car accident in New York State on July 26, 2009. Since losing our daughters, we formed the Hance Family Foundation, whose mission is so vital to us no single word can describe it: to honor the lives of our three beautiful girls by sharing our innovative self-esteem educational programming. We have chosen to focus on how our daughters lived, rather than how they died.

Self-Esteem Rising is our suite of self-esteem programs for females of all ages. Our programs are presented nation wide. We have a proven track record of improving the outcome for participants. Self-Esteem Rising's programs teach females how to think positively and with assurance about their bodies, their skills, and their relationships with others.

Beautiful Me, our flagship program, poses no financial hardship to any participant. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, we are able to provide our program free of charge. We have taught Beautiful Me to tens of thousands of participants so far, and this number grows daily. We teach in both public and private schools, community sites, colleges, universities, hospitals, and private companies all across the country.

Our wish is to work together to expand our reach throughout the United States. Research states that a person with healthy self-esteem is more resilient, is able to tackle new and greater challenges, and accepts responsibility for her own thoughts and actions. These traits make women better friends, better daughters, better colleagues and better for themselves.

Our suite of programs are built on three principles that improve self-esteem: to teach females to understand who they are, to teach females to appreciate their own skills and qualities, and to teach females to understand that there is gratification earned by helping others.

Each female has the power to embrace her talents, aspirations, capabilities, and potential; with guidance, she can use these skills to achieve a better tomorrow for herself and her community. We want to help her hone these skills and be an integral part of her growth.

Thank you for your commitment to this critical issue. We look forward to hearing from you!

With gratitude,
Jackie Hance
Warren Hance