Give females the opportunity to participate in Beautiful Me!

Our Mission

We bring an invaluable educational program to females. Beautiful Me provides the necessary foundation for future success! Self-esteem increases by improving coping mechanisms, increasing insight, and building relationship skills.

Our Approach

We reach out to communities through our unique self-esteem curriculum which teaches, unites, and empowers the participants to live with confidence.

Our Impact

We affect change directly with each participant during group workshops/seminars and affect change indirectly in their home and community environments by empowering females to share the learned skills with other people in their lives.

We know that when a female (of any age) feels strong and confident, society as a whole benefits.

She will learn how to make rules for herself & enforce those rules about her body, health, and safety.

She will identify at least one body part she can care for, admire, and regard with positive thoughts.

She will identify when she feels the most strong, capable, and beautiful!