Hance Family Foundation Background

EAKThe Hance Family Foundation has been founded to honor the memories of Emma, Alyson, and Katie Hance, who died in a car accident on July 26, 2009, at ages 8, 7, and 5. The funds raised for this Foundation are used to support our innovative self-esteem educational program for girls, Beautiful Me… The EAK Project, as well as local education and charitable giving programs for children. The intention of the Foundation is to honor the memories of these extraordinary girls in positive ways.

Healthy, happy, and safe children are the highest priority for the Hance Family Foundation.

Vision & Mission

The Hance Family Foundation was founded in the small Village of Floral Park, NY. A quiet town on the outskirts of New York City, Floral Park was rocked by the tragic loss of Emma, Alyson, and Katie. The Hance’s thoughts, as donations began to flow in, were immediate and selfless: we should help other children. Honed over time to a sharp focus, the Hances led their Foundation with a vision of hope and love. The Hance Family Foundation honors the lives of three beautiful sisters by ensuring healthy, happy, and safe children through innovative self-esteem educational programming and the support of children in need. This mission is primarily accomplished through our flagship educational programming.

HFF Organization Info

The EAK Pprojects

(The Emma, Alyson, and Katie Hance Projects)

The Hance Family Foundation is dedicated to providing innovative educational programs for children of all ages and abilities–as a way to honor Emma, Alyson, & Katie Hance. We proudly present The EAK Projects: three very successful & original educational programs, created and implemented by The Hance Family Foundation to help enhance and develop the confidence and self-esteem of all children. There is no fee associated with these programs, they are funded completely by the Hance Family Foundation.

The HFF’s largest and most far-reaching program is an original self esteem educational program for girls, entitled Beautiful Me…The Emma, Alyson, and Katie Hance Project (The EAK Project). Beautiful Me began with a small group of 12 girls aged 5-8. They met for several weeks, discussing such topics as body image and conflict resolution. Today, the program spans across Long Island and NYC, into New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Chicago. It has even visited Paris, France! Over 15,000 participants have learned ways to embrace their unique qualities in settings such as elementary schools, high schools, universities, acute care facilities, and more.

It is the Vision of the Hance Family Foundation to expand Beautiful Me nationally and even internationally.

Locally, the HFF’s smaller programs include two more EAK Projects: Grow with Me and Heart Hands Hope. These educational programs enhance self esteem through acceptance, friendship, and community awareness. Also local, Heart Hands Hope is the charitable giving program of the Hance Family Foundation. Through this program, the Foundation supports local schools and children’s organizations, runs a large toy drive during the holidays, and delivers school supplies to families in need.